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UEFA’s Dynamic Live Streaming Server Injunction

Union Des Associations Europeenes De Football v. Eircom Limited (trading as EIR), Sky Ireland Limited, Sky Subscribers Services Limited, Virgin Media Ireland Limited, Vodafone Ireland limited Commercial Court Record No. 2020/6450PThe illegal streaming of real time live match broadcasts has increased in tandem with the improvement of technology and signal quality in recent years and...
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Who Owns the DIESEL trade mark registration in Ireland? “Stalemate” at the end of a very long running saga.

Practitioners in civil law jurisdictions are often surprised to learn that appeals in commercial law matters in common law systems are generally, but not always, limited to an appeal of the evidence and law heard by the lower court and are not appeals by way of re-hearing.  The rationale for this approach is for finality...
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Putting Manners On The Platforms: The Digital Services Act Package

In the last two decades the digital services landscape has changed dramatically, however while there have been some targeted attempts at regulation, the legal framework for digital services has remained relatively stagnant since the adoption of the e-Commerce Directive in 2000.In February 2020, the European Commission announced a Digital Services Act package...
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Confirmed: Comparative Advertising Is Back On The Agenda In Ireland

Aldi Stores (Ireland) Limited and Aldi GmbH & Co KG and Dunnes Stores [2019] IESC 41, Supreme Court, decision by O’Donnell J.Very long running litigation in Ireland between well-known supermarket operators has finally concluded with a Supreme Court decision that confirms the test for comparative advertising under the confusing Irish implementation of the EU Directive...
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