Hi Tech Commercialisation

High Tech Commercialisation

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It is no wonder that Baron Von Drais’s patented wooden bicycle with pedals on each wheel and a flat wooden crossbar was never really adopted other than by a few English postmen. Imagine the potential health and safety concerns and liability issues that would be faced these days by the good Baron, the manufacturer and the retailer?

Commercialisation in the high technology sector multiplies these risks many times over.  Comprehensive strategies need to be developed to limit and share these risks. These include full IP and regulatory due diligence exercises, contractual risk sharing and limitation whether as part of a sale, licence, franchise or distribution arrangement, quarantining IP rights in a separate corporate entity and insurance arrangements.

Having had many years’ experience in both private and public sector commercialisations we understand the differing approaches and tensions and are adept at identifying issues and drafting and negotiating R&D arrangements, licence agreements and suites of technology transfer agreements  that will meet the particular concerns of technology transferors or transferees.